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Welcome to! We are a professional rat control company, servicing over 15 US locations and growing. We provide complete rodent removal services, with 100% permanent results. Our cutting-edge technique is a huge improvement over traditional rodent extermination pest control methods. We use our unique 32-point inspection process to identify 100% of rodent entry points into your house, and we seal them shut with professional grade repairs to keep rats out of your home or building forever. We also trap and remove all rats, of course, in addition to providing cleanup and repair as part of the process. Click on our Locations page to find professional help in your city or town. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call 24/7 to discuss your rat problem.

Same-day or next-day appointments.

32-point inspection of your property.

Written estimates for rat project.

Fully state licensed and insured.

Rat-proofing repairs with steel.

100% of rodents trapped and removed.

Chewed wire and damage repair services.

Rat dropping cleanup and sanitation services.

Poison-free rodent control methods.

We service over 50 US Cities & Towns

RAT RISKS AND TRAPPING: Rats chew on electrical wires, which can cause outages, or even worse risk of fire in your home or building. They also chew on other surfaces, such as water pipes, which can cause leaks, or piping insulation, wood, plumbing stacks, and more. They burrow in insulation, and have nests of baby rats. They leave urine and feces everywhere, which can pose a health risk. We trap and remove 100% of the rats in your house, using our innovative process, the best in the world.

HUMANE SOLUTIONS: Our process does not rely on the usage of poisons. Poisons are a lazy and ineffective approach, which never permanently solves the problem. The main thing poisons cause is the stink of dead rats in your attic and walls! New rats keep coming. Our process relies on sealing shut all entry holes, so that no rodents can ever enter the structure again. We can do cage trapping or exclusion, though snap traps are actually the most humane approach.

ATTIC CLEANUP AND DECON: We offer attic cleanup, odor control, and decontamination services. This process ensures that the health risk associated from rodent droppings and urine is eliminated, along with the odor problem. Rats leave behind pheromones that can attract new rats, and predators such as raccoons or rat snakes, to attempt to enter the attic. We offer cleanup including fogging, to full insulation replacement services where applicable.

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