Why Do Rats Like to Chew on Wires?

When a rodent gets into your attic and in your walls, you are going to have a lot on your mind. They can chew through the walls, they will defecate and urinate, and they will cause endless problems for you. One problem that you cannot overlook is the wires. Rats will chew nearly everything, including wires. They gnaw and they chew, and they do so all the time. Since their teeth continually grow, gnawing is important to them. They love anything soft that they can chew on to keep their teeth in good condition. For you, this means potential electrical problems. If they begin gnawing on your wires, you and your property could be at risk.

Rats and Wires
Rats absolutely will chew on wires, and do often. Wires are soft and fit perfectly in their mouths, making it perfect for chewing. They can grab hold of it and begin chewing at any time, keeping their teeth in check. Again, their teeth continue to grow. Through adulthood and until the day they die, rodent teeth never stop growing. For this reason, gnawing is essential. If they do not chew on something, their teeth could grow uncontrollably. You, though, do not want to deal with the chewing of wires. Sure, the rodent may love it, but you will not. Rats chewing wires is a serious problem that can, and will, put you and your home at risk.

Chewing Wires
Chewing wires will expose them. When that happens, you have an electrical problem that needs immediate fixing. Yes, it will lead to the malfunction of electrical components around the home, but that is not your biggest worry. Exposed wires are a fire hazard. Around wood and insulation, which the wires are, you have a high risk of fire if something goes wrong. The rodents chewing multiple areas of the wiring will continue to increase the risk of fire until there is a repair. You want to remove the rodents and repair the wires right away. Do not let the fire hazard remain for too long. Doing so is incredibly dangerous to you and everyone else, and fixing it is in everyone’s best interest.

Rats will chew on wires if given the opportunity. The soft nature of wires makes them perfect for chewing, and plenty available perfect for rodents to find. The chewing is high risk, however, and you should act immediately if you fear rodents are chewing the wires.

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