What Surfaces Can Rats Climb On?

Finding rodents on your roof or in your attic might surprise you. These are areas that are somewhat hard to reach, and certainly require some exceptional climbing ability. For rodents, though, that is not that hard to manage. Rats are amazing climbers. They can climb nearly anything. If there is something to grab hold to, they can climb it. Chances are, they will climb it, too. To get to food and water and shelter, they will climb nearly anything. From trees to bricks to stone, they will climb it. This means they can get into just about anything. It does not matter if it is a hole at base level or in the roof, they can get to it.

Great Climbers
Most rodents are good climbers. Squirrels, mice, rats, and similar rodents can climb just about anything. It is of no surprise to people who see them often, but the extent of their climbing ability still astonishes some. Climbing trees, vines, and anything with a good foothold is no problem. They can grab on and climb any of that to get to where they want to go. This is what most people expect, and see often in rodents like squirrels.

It is not just the greenery, though. Rats can climb stone and brick, too, and similar materials. If there is anything for them to grab, they can climb it. The only things they cannot climb are things that are slick. If there is no way for them to grab hold or remain on it, they cannot climb it.

What It Means for You
It is impressive, sure, but it can be a real pain for homeowners. Since rodents are excellent climbers, they can get into any area, just about. If there is a hole anywhere in your home, rodents can reach it. They will, too. They get into these holes and make their nests in no time, causing chaos for you. This is why you have to take extra care of sealing any potential holes. Since rodents can fit through even tiny spaces, you want to limit their options. Keep as few entry points available as possible and keep the risk of them entering low. Rats can get to almost anything. They are able climbers, with the ability to climb most surfaces. Good for them, but a pain for you. Rats can use this ability to climb homes and get anywhere they want to go, or just about anywhere.

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