Keeping Down Rat Populations

Rat populations on your property can lead to problems with damage and health hazards. Rats can chew through nearly everything, will make your home their nest, and can spread disease. Keeping them away requires multiple steps, but it is possible to reduce them. Sadly, there is no way to eliminate the risk of rodents entirely. There is always some risk you take on, but these steps can keep it lower. When you keep it lower, there is a chance the rodents will pass by your property or merely move through it rather than stopping. If they have no reason to stop, or have every reason to keep going, you will not have as big of a rodent problem, or a problem at all.

A Clean Property
The biggest thing you can do is clean up your property. If you have any garbage lying around, if you have a lot of overgrown vegetation, or if there is a mess in general, your property becomes more desirable to rodents. They see all of this as food and shelter, and they see your property as a safe spot to stop. Even if there is a legitimate, good reason to have things around, whether for aesthetic or practical purposes, it will attract rodents. If they see anything as shelter or food, they will go for it.

Keep Food Stored or Away
People tend to leave pet food and fruit- or nut-bearing plants around regularly. This is great for you, but it can attract rodents. The pet food has a strong smell, and rodents will eat it. They will eat practically anything, and pet food is a great treat for them. It does not matter if it is dry or wet food, the rodents will go after it. If your pet is not eating it, keep it stored away. Only put food down when your pet is ready to eat, then pick it up right after it finishes. If you have any plants that drop fruits or nuts, your property becomes an easy target for rodents. They will have quick access to food without any trouble at all. Remove the plants or keep the yard clean to keep rodents away.

Your goal should be to remove any potential for food and shelter on your property. Alongside that, keeping fences in good condition and limiting access points will help. However, if you still have shelter or food for them, the rodents will continue to go to your property.

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