More Rats in City or Wild?

People think rodents are wild animals, out living in forests or plains. They view them as invaders in cities, unwelcome guests. In reality, rodents have a long history of living in urban areas. They are not invaders or newcomers to cities, not in the least. They have lived in urban areas for centuries, living side by side with humans. Living in cities is why the rodents could so easily spread the plague and other diseases. They live side by side with humans and have done so for a long time. Even when rats were brought to America on boats as travelers began settling in the country, they quickly moved to areas full of humans. It is where they find food and shelter, no matter where they are in the world.

Rats and Humans
Rats depend on humans for survival. They live off what humans do not consume or what they throw away. They used manmade structures as shelters, and they thrive in environments with a lot of humans around. While they can live in wild areas, it is rare for them to do so. There is not as much available for them and they understand how beneficial humans are to their survival. It has become part of their existence and natural instincts to rely on humans and use them for their own survival.

All Types
This is not unique to a single type of rodent. You can find all types of rodents living alongside humans, with rats being the most common. Some types, like certain mice, may be more common in wild settings, but they still stick around humans for the most part. Even the rodents that are native to America are more common in urban environments simply because it benefits them the most. Whether it is squirrels or mice or rats, or any type of rodent, it is likely they are in an urban environment. They love being around humans because they know that is their source of shelter and food. It is low risk with a lot of benefits.

If you live in an urban environment, this should be of no surprise. Rats are everywhere in urban areas, becoming part of life there. They live in the streets and sewers, or they live in parks or anywhere with shelter, and have easy access to all the foods they could need. It is perfect for them and their continued survival.

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