The Pros and Cons of Poisoning Rats

Poison is a common choice for people who want to get rid of rodents. It promises to kill them without a lot of effort. They eat the poison you put down and they die soon after. It sounds great, but there are some big problems with this. The biggest is that this is an inhumane method of rodent removal. Yes, you want the rodents gone, but poison causes them to suffer quite a bit. While poisons do differ, they each lead to some rather inhumane results. Another concern is safety for children and other animals. Poison is poison, and anyone or anything that consumes it may die as a result. You will have to think about the effects it has if you choose to use it.

Inhumane Killer
Killing rodents is a necessity when they enter your property. Relocation is difficult and, oftentimes, can lead to killing them, as well, and you need to remove them no matter what. As such, people will turn to different methods to kill any types of rodents that enter their property. Using poison sounds good, and it has been popular for decades, but it is not nice to the rodents. Yes, they die no matter what, but there is no reason for them to suffer prior to their death. Forcing the rodent to suffer before it dies is inhumane. There are humane methods of killing rodents, with snap traps being the most popular. These will kill the rodents instantly without any suffering necessary.

Dangers to Others
Poison is dangerous. There is no doubt that it poses a high risk to everyone, not just the rodents. If you have young children or animals on your property, they may have access to the poison and may consume it. Even if you do not, there is a risk of other animals, like squirrels and birds, eating the poison instead of the rats. The poison can remain on the floor for a while, too, if you do not clean it up fully after use. It can lead to the death or, at minimum, serious injury of those who consume it. Poison is poison. It is a painful way to go for rodents, and it is dangerous to those around it. If you want to kill rodents, there are humane methods available. Go with those instead, as they are equally effective and do not pose any greater risk to anyone else.

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