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Mobile Rat Removal Tip: Do Strobing Lights Or High Pitched Sounds Deter Rats?

Man has been trying to deter rats as long as they have been around. They are pesky little rodents that carry diseases and can do a lot of damage. Rats chew everything in their path and they multiply like crazy.

Rats tend to live near the human population because they are scavengers. Humans are a great source of food and easy shelter. Rats will take up residence just about anywhere in your home, yard or even automobile.

Its no wonder that people have come up with some pretty crazy remedies in an attempt to deter rats. Over the years, there have been many innovative attempts at controlling the rat population and keeping them away from our homes.

Strobe Lights and High-Pitched Sounds

Strobe lights have special bulbs that emit high beams of light. They often flash or flicker when activated. Strobe lights can be left on or set to be motion activated. People often put them on rooves and in crawl spaces to deter rats.

Unfortunately, it is not effective. While rats are nocturnal creatures, they are not sensitive to lights. As such, strobe lights do nothing to deter them. Initially, a strobe light may scare rats but that is only when it is new. After twenty-four hours, the effect is minimal if any.

Ultrasonic machines and high-pitched sounds are equally ineffective. Rats commonly communicate in high frequency and are used to these noises. These machines commonly bother dogs, cats and other household pets.

In fact, the Federal Trade Commission calls these types of deterrents fraudulent. It officially denounces any strobe light or ultrasonic sound machine that claims to deter pests such as rats.

What Does Work

Deterring rats starts with a proactive approach. The first thing to do is to ensure that they are not given an open invitation to come in and take up residence.

Trim all tree branches back at least six feet from the roof and side of the house. Move any ladders or other tall debris that rats may easily climb. They can jump a good distance and easily use wires to get where they want.

Many people put a significant length of PVC over necessary wires that must stretch to the house. It is also a good idea to remove any type of debris or wood pile that is near the house. If you don't have an outside cat, they are wonderful rat deterrents.

You'll also want to ensure that your trash is in a sealed container with a secure lid. Don't leave pet food sitting out either. Rats find it irresistible.