Can Rats Give You Rabies?

Rats are carriers of many diseases. They pose a huge risk to humans because of this, and can cause serious illness and even death in some circumstances. One risk many consider is rabies. Animals with rabies are aggressive and bite, and the rabies they spread can lead to death. Rabies-infected animals can infect humans and other animals, including your pets. Anyone bitten will require treatment immediately to avoid death. For those with rat infestations, rabies may be on their mind – but should it be? Before you start assuming the worst, know whether rats can carry and transfer rabies at all. This can save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Rabies in Rats
Rats are not carriers of rabies. Even if they bite, there is no risk of contracting rabies from them. Very seldom have they had rabies, and there are no incidents of humans contracting rabies from them. If you have a rat problem, rabies is not something you should worry about. The risk of contracting rabies from rats is almost zero. Since there is no history of it and rats rarely ever have it, you should focus on other issues first. Rabies is the last thing that should be on your mind. Yes, it is serious, but it is not a threat here. There are other serious risks with rats that you should consider first.

Health Hazards with Rats
Rats pose serious health risks to people. They can spread diseases and carry parasites, even when dead. They are a major problem for humans and often spread serious, deadly diseases. You have to remain wary of rats as they carry a tremendous amount of health hazards. If there are any in your property, have them removed immediately. Rabies is not going to pose a risk to you with them, but other diseases will.

If the rats themselves do not pose a risk, the parasites they carry will, like ticks and fleas. These parasites, too, spread diseases. They can lead to illness and death, and the risks are high with them. Quick action is essential in lowering rat-related health risks. The genuine, real risks of rats are far too dangerous to let go for too long.

Rats have serious health risks associated with them, but rabies is not among them. Rats of their kind are not common carriers of rabies and pose no threat of spreading it, though they still pose a threat in other ways.

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