Keeping Rats Out of the Garden

Rats in the garden can cause a tremendous amount of damage. They burrow, eat plants, and dig up everything around, leaving a mess for you. It can kill your plants and destroy your garden, often to the point that you have to redo everything. There are ways to keep rodents out. You will have to put time and energy into it, but it can work. If you are having any type of rodent problems with your garden, big or small, these methods should deter them or scare them off. Be smart when doing this and you should see some quick results. The rodents will no longer want to be anywhere near your garden, for their own sake.

Remove Their Homes and Shelter
Rats have homes and shelter when they are on your property. When they stick around your garden, that might be underground or some type of structure in your backyard. Different rodents will choose different types of shelter, but they all choose shelter nonetheless. If you want to keep the rodents out, remove that shelter. If they are underground, start destroying their burrows. Do not give them a chance to do anything. Look for any mounds or holes in the ground and, using a shovel, start tearing the burrows down. Take out as many as you can. If they are using a structure to hide, take it down or seal it off. Do not give them a chance to use your yard as their shelter by keeping any potential location inaccessible to them. Keep them locked out.

Better Secure Your Garden
Have greater control over your garden. Use fencing to keep a barrier between the outside and your garden, lowering the chance of rodents getting inside. It is not a perfect solution, but it can help. You can also take control of your gardens insect problem. Keeping out the insects can keep out the food for many rodents. If rodents are entering your garden to feed on the grubs, find solutions to keep the grubs away.

Seal holes in your fence and repair any areas around your yard. While not your garden directly, doing so will limit accessibility to your yard. Rats will have no or limited ability to reenter your yard in the future. Dealing with rodents is a headache, but it is not impossible. You can remove your rodent problem and keep your garden safe, and it is easy for anyone to do.

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