A Rat Is Living In My Car

Rats pose a serious health and property risk whenever they are around. They can spread disease and parasites, they chew at wires and anything else they can grab, and they can make a mess of things. Being in your house is bad enough, but all of these problems can become increasingly frustrating in your vehicle. You do not want rats to have access to the wiring of your vehicle, nor do you want them dying where you cannot get them. Before these things can occur, you will want to remove the rats. There are ways to remove rats from your car. These do work well, but it may take some time. It is worth it to do this before the rats die and cause an awful odor in your car.

Leave the Hood Open
Keep the hood to the vehicle open. Do not give them a warm, dark place to rest – they love that. Take that away from them. Bring in some light and make the inside of your vehicle less appealing to them. Another way to make it less appealing is to add an odor the rats hate, like peppermint oil. This is something rats do not like and they will not want to remain in your property with it around, or it will at least make them more willing to leave. You also purchase commercial repellents. There are several available for rats that work well and should help in getting rid of the rats. Clean up the inside, too. If you have any mess or food in the car, get it out. Do not give the rats anything they can use for shelter or anything to eat.

Lay Traps
Traps are always effective ways to get rid of rats. With a good bait and good placement, you can get the rats out faster. Place baited traps where the rats are certainly going to find it and then wait a day or two for them to trigger. You should have a few caught rats on your hands. Use either snap or live traps. Avoid poisons and glue traps, as these are inhumane and have other negative effects. Do not let the rats take control of your vehicle. You can get rid of them, either by making them leave or by trapping them. However you do it, you can get your car back and you can enjoy it without the fear of rats.

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