How Do You Find a Dead Rat in Your Home?

Live rodents in your home are trouble enough, but the problem can get worse when they die. Dead rodents are just as dangerous as live rodents, except they come with an awful smell. Due to the health hazards posed by a dead rodent, you will want to remove it quickly. You will also want to get rid of the smell the rodent causes, as it can make your home nearly inhabitable. Finding and removing that dead rodent, though, might seem like a challenge. There are ways to do this, thankfully, and you can have it gone – at least in most instances. Sadly, removing a rodent is not always a possibility.

Finding It
The best way to find a dead rodent is by the smell. If you can smell it rotting, you can find it, or at least find the general location of it. Start looking for the location where the smell is the strongest, going room to room. You should be able to find the rodent based on the smell. However, it is not always so easy. Depending on how many rodents there are, the size of the property, and where it died, you may still have some trouble locating the dead rodent or rodents.

A good way to narrow it down would be to get close to the wall and start smelling for it that way. It may seem disgusting and off putting, but it is what you have to do. Look for the area where the smell is the strongest, where it is different from any other location. That should be where the rodent it. You can also make it easier on you if you know the general location of where the rodent goes. If you know where it likes to hide, you can simplify the search. Go to its safe spots and try finding it that way.

Once you know where it is, cut a hole in the wall and remove it. Make sure that you wear protective gear and have a bag ready when you go to remove it. Due to the health hazards of a dead rodent, you do not want to touch it with bare hands or inhale anything from it. You can patch up the wall afterwards, using products you can find in most stores, and dispose of the body. If you need extra help, you can contact a professional. However, this is a somewhat simple task and you should have no trouble managing it.

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