Rats in the Wall - Get 'Em Out!

Rats in the wall can pose a serious risk and bring about numerous problems. They can chew at wires, defecate and urinate, and be a problem for your health. They need to go right away. Getting them out of the wall, though, is easier said than done. You do not want to destroy your wall to remove them, and you have little idea how to get them out of there. Waiting for them is not feasible, as that may only worsen the problem you have. There are ways to coax them out. You can have them gone in a short amount of time, keeping your property rodent-free. It may take effort and patience, but you can do this.

Finding Entry Points
The rodents got into the wall from somewhere. They do not just appear there, obviously, so you will want to start looking for that entry point. That point is also where they leave to find food and other necessities. If you find their entry and exit point, or points, you can use that to your advantage. If you are unable to find this, you can make one your own. A small hole is enough, as rodents do not need a lot of room to squeeze through. Lead that hole into a small box through which they cannot escape, add a trap with a smelly food they love, and let it do its trick.

Trapping and Removing
This process can take a long time. If you have an especially large infestation, there is no saying exactly how long it will take for the rodents to go. You may have to trap and remove a few at a time, every day or every few days, until you make some progress. For this reason, it may be best to have a professional come in and do this. Trapping at exit and entry points will work for you, but walls are a tricky place. It can be hard to cover all points, and it can be tedious to do the work. It is possible, but it requires a large amount of patience and effort. Getting rodents out of a wall is not impossible, but it is time consuming and exhausting. It will require effort and patience to do, but you can have them gone soon. With traps and a strategy, you should see an immediate reduction in the amount of rodents on your property.

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