What To Do With a Live Rat In a Cage

Whether through kill or live traps, you have a rodent caught. You know it is there and you know it is no longer a problem, but what do you do now? The next step may seem like a difficult one to take. If you have never been in this position before, you may not know how to dispose of or relocate the rodent. It may seem completely foreign to you, with no way of knowing what to do next. Thankfully, everything about this is relatively simple. Whatever type of trap you used, you can remove the rodent carefully and fully without any issues. Anyone can do this and see positive results.

Kill Traps
Most people use kill traps. After capturing the rodent, you will have its corpse leftover. A dead animal. Disposing of this is not going to require a lot of thought or effort. Generally, you can dispose of it in trash bins. Do be careful, though. When handling the dead rodent, you safety gear. Gloves, masks, and other safety equipment is vital here. Due to the health hazards that rodents pose, even when dead, you will not want to touch it at any point, at least with your bare skin. Use glove to pick up the rodent.

Immediately put it into a bag without moving the trap far. Either open the trap to let the rodent fall or throw the trap in with it. However you do it, put the rodent in a bag for disposal. You can then throw the bag out, clean up, and go back to your day.

Live Traps
With live traps, you have a different situation on your hands. You cannot, obviously, throw away a live rodent. That is cruel and inhumane, as it may lead to the torture of the animal. It may also lead the rodent escaping and returning to your property. When you have a live rodent in a trap, move it to a safe location. There are locations that will accept rodents and you can also release it somewhere in the wild by opening the trap once there.

Whatever you choose to do, dealing with a caught rodent is going to be easy. You do not have to put in much effort or time. Remember to be safe about this and choose an appropriate drop off location for live rodents and you should see positive results come out of this.

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