How Does One Get a Rat Out of the Bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be where you can relax and enjoy your time at home. It is your safe space and it is where you sleep. It is one of the most important rooms in the house. When that safety and comfort are gone, you need to do what you can to get them back. Losing that safety and comfort to rats means getting rid of the rats. No matter how big the infestation, you will have to follow a few basic steps to get the rats out. Whether the rats are in drawers, under the bed, or in the walls, there are ways to do this. You can remove the problem with great results.

Take Away Shelter and Food
The rat chose your room because it offered shelter and access to food. To get it out, you want to take these away from it. Without them, the rat will have no choice but to leave if it wants any hope at survival. Taking away shelter, though, can be tough. This means the bed, drawers, and other furniture. An alternative is to clean them out. Remove everything you can, leaving very little for the rat to use as shelter.

With the shelter gone, begin taking away access to food. If you have any food in the room, remove it. If there is quick access to food somewhere from the room, pick up the food or remove access to it. Do not let the rat get any food from your room. The longer it starves, the more likely it is to move. Remember to block off access to the rest of the home. You do not want to move the problem to another room; you want the problem gone entirely. If the rat can move around the house, it will do so to find safety and food. Keep it locked away in a single area of the home.

Trap It
Using a trap, like a live trap or snap trap, catch the rat. Bait it with something the rat will love, such as peanut butter, and place the trap somewhere the rat will get to it. Without access to food, it will not take long for it to go after the bait. After caught, remove the rat and put your room back together. Clean up any mess the rat left behind to avoid illness from feces or urine. It is somewhat easy to get a rat out of a room. It will take time, but you can have it gone and have your room back.

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