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Boston Rat Removal Tip: Mating Habits of the Most Common Rats in North America

Both black and Norway rats reproduce at staggering rates, ensuring survival of the species. However, theses two rodents, take things to a whole new level.

Just a couple of rats in a building or residence can turn into a couple hundred very easily. Their mating habits. Along with the right conditions, typically promote the population explosion experienced with an infestation.

Norway or Brown Rat

The Norway rat is also commonly known as the brown rat as the terms are used interchangeably. They like to mate in groups, sometimes very large groups. When brown rats mate in large groups, the females like to switch their male partners. They will mate with multiple male partners to ensure they are impregnated.

There is a hierarchy of male rats within the group and the dominant rats get the most action. However, it is a party, and everyone is invited. Male brown rats typically ejaculate several times in a row when mating with a female. This helps ensure pregnancy success.

It is also important to note that if there are multiple females ready to mate in a group, the males will work at a frenzied pace to accommodate them all.

A Norway rat is ready to mate two to five months after it is born. Once the party starts, it doesn't stop. Brown rats can reproduce all year round. Females can have three to twelve litters per year, each with four to twenty young.

Gestation is only three weeks long, so a female Norway rat can easily become pregnant twice in one month. As soon as she delivers her litter, she is ready to mate again.

Black Rats

Black rats tend to live in polygynous groups with multiple males and females, similar to brown rats. There is also a hierarchy in the males and females, with more dominant females being the most aggressive. The dominant males have the most access to mating rights.

Black rats can reproduce three to five months after they are born. The gestation period is just a little longer than that of the brown rat, only by a few days.

Although they will breed all year long, the peak breeding season for black rats is summer and autumn. Black rats typically reproduce three to five times per year which is still enough for a population explosion.

Both Norway and Black rats will inbreed. They live to eat and reproduce.