Types of Deadly Diseases Rats Give Us

Rats are a source of disease. If you have any on your property, you want it gone quickly before it can begin spreading these diseases and put you at risk. If you are uncertain of what types of diseases rodents can carry, there are quite a few. While not all are covered below, this is an overview of the dangers that rodents pose, specifically rats. There are two groups – direct and indirect. Direct focuses specifically on rats, but other rodents can carry them, too. Indirect is more about wild animals, but common with rodents. They are all dangerous and good reason to keep away from rats.

Direct Diseases
Direct diseases that you may contract from rodents include:
- Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
- Leptospirosis
- Plague
- Rat-Bite Fever
- Salmonellosis
- Tularemia
These are a handful of the direct diseases you can get from rodents. While the list above is specifically about rats, all rodents carry similar diseases. This is a problem with any rodent that you come across. If you do have one on your property, you will have to worry about exposure to it. It does not have to bite or touch you for you to become sick in some cases. It depends entirely on the disease itself. Plague, as an example, comes from fleas that are on rats. These fleas bite humans, spreading the plague. This is why you have to keep all rodents off your property.

Indirect Diseases
These diseases may come from other animals, too, not just rodents. These are common with any animal that lives in the wild.
- Lyme Disease
- West Nile Virus
- RickettsialpoxC
- Murine Typhus
This is a small list, but it goes on and on beyond this. There are a lot of diseases spread from wild animals, including rodents. The main reason you do not want to go near these animals is because they can spread these diseases without you realizing it. Lyme disease actually comes from ticks, and others come from insects common on wild animals, too. These diseases are common with wildlife and dangerous, potentially life threatening.

If you ever find rodents on your property, do not let them stick around for long. Rats are a source of disease and parasites, and you want them out immediately. Use traps or professional services to remove them before their diseases can spread. Remember, you do not have to be near the rodents to get sick from these diseases. Many of them spread without any direct exposure.

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