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Welcome to Rat Control of Jacksonville! We are Florida rodent control specialists. Our specialty is rat and mouse control. Our special 32-point process is the single most effective method in the country for permanently solving rodent problems inside houses and buildings. We are not a typical pest control Jacksonville rodent exterminator company that treats rodents in a similar way to insects, with repeated monthly or quarterly poison treatments. That's a never-ending process. We solve the problem ONCE, and PERMANENTLY, by thoroughly inspecting every component of your building and completely sealing shut all access points, to 100% rodent-proof your house. We physically trap and remove all rats or mice, a process that is completely effective once all access has been closed. The problem is soved forever, usually in a week or less. Click on our Jacksonville Prices page to find out more about our prices for rat control work. Or give us a call any time to schedule an appointment, usually within the next day. We look forward to hearing from you.

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32-point inspection of your property.

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Rat-proofing repairs with steel.

100% of rodents trapped and removed.

Chewed wire and damage repair services.

Rat dropping cleanup and sanitation services.

Poison-free rodent control methods.

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Jacksonville Rat Removal Tip: I think I have a Mouse problem. All I know is I heard scratching in the walls earlier this past week. Then one morning I went down stairs to hear scratching under my kitchen sink. My 2 mini -dachshunds went bezerk. I got one of those bait houses that they can't get at the poison put it under sink was three fourths gone in a couple days after. In the night last night at about 2am? My older dog started barking at my chest of drawers wouldn't stop. I went to pick her up and she snapped at me. (hunting dog in her I think) anyway..both kept on barking like maniacs. Looking at the chest of drawers and under it. I shined a flashlight under the dresser thinking to myself this is probably a stupid thing to do what if whatever it is (at that point I didn't know what they were barking at.) runs out at the dogs or at me. I am so afraid of this nasty little creature I have been online and see what diseases it can give me or/and my dogs and I know someone who thinks their pitbull got bitten outside in their backyard by a rat they said 6 weeks ago. It is dying now and has nasty sores on its back and won't eat and is very weak. It may have nothing to do w/ the rat maybe I am letting my imagination go nuts but these dachshunds are the closest things to kids I have. Please please help me ASAP!!!

I happen to open a drawer and saw a bit of Black tail (may almost half an inch. I freaked. The dogs were nuts barking. Well, I got up and turned on a light that goes down my stairs and can be turned on up or downstairs. I have a baby gate to keep dogs from going downstairs at night. I dozed off and next thing you know my older dog (will be 9 in june) was again barking like a maniac sitting at the babygate looking down the stairs. I look down the stairs to see what she is frantically barking at and this nasty little beast was quickly running down the stairs and ran across the tile out of sight. I found little tiny black poops in the drawer that I saw a bit of its tail in and have looked on line and am so scared that my puppies (ok not puppies) will get sick or get sick and die. Or get bit and die. I am a widow and have no human children these mini doxies are my babies. What do I do?? I am going to use bleach on my downstairs tile floor is all ceramic tile I had to be into work at 7am today..and have an hr drive and the stores closest to me not open when I left. I am also afraid this nasty little beast will run across my bed at night and bite me or spread disease or even worse, my dachshunds are awakened by the least tiniest sound I don't even hear. That they will be hurt or get bitten get sick and possibly die. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

How do I sanitize carpeting? I have a older steam cleaner gonna try that. I am so scared of loosing my dogs. They are my heart. Daisy the older one is my pride and joy had her since she was 9 wks old. Ollie will be 3 on Feb. 4 2017 and is still in the anxiety stage and follows me everywhere. I have emptied all trash..am afraid to open the cabinet under my sink. I am afraid one of these nasty little beasts will jump out at me and bite me. I work and my dogs are home all day and I am scared they are going to get in a tussle w/ one get bitten or scratched and loose in the end. Please advise what do I do? How do I clean the carpeting? Do I need to wash all bedding? How do I keep my dogs safe? My home warranty co. referred me to your company. I am so afraid don't want to get sick or get bitten or die. I don't want my dogs to get sick or bitten or die. I'm very afraid. That's how seriously I take this. Please help me ASAP!!!