Glue Traps Are Cruel to Rats

Rat problems can be a headache. Due to the health hazards and dangers of rodents, you want them gone immediately. The best way to remove them, of course, is through the use of traps. Traps are effective methods of rodent removal. So long as you use them properly, they can get rid of the rodents in little time.

However, not all traps are equal. Glue traps are the most inhumane of the traps and they can lead to a lot of unintended side effects. Anyone looking into traps to handle their rodent problem should consider something other than glue traps. There are far too many concerns for these to be a viable option.

Inhumane Treatment to Rats
You may not like rodents, but you should not wish them to suffer. With glue traps, that is exactly what you are doing. Glue traps lead to the suffering of rodents, causing them to die in pain and distress. When caught in the glue, the rodent cannot move whatsoever. No matter how hard they try, they remain stuck in the glue. This can lead to them getting stuck even further and become distressed, panicked.

If the rodent is there for an extended period, it will continue to suffer until it eventually dies of stress, hunger, and thirst. All of these will work together to create awful suffering for the rodent. With the available alternatives, include snap and live traps, there is no reason to use glue traps. It is unnecessary suffering for the rodent.

Unintended Harm and Death
You intend the glue trap to be for rodents, but it may catch other things. It can catch birds and other animals around your yard, if it is outside, or it may catch your own pet. While you are certain to release your own pet, with some stress and effort, that is not the case with the other wild animals. If they are caught, there is a high risk of death for them. Like the rodents, they will struggle and continue to catch the glue. This causes them to get stuck even more in the glue trap. They eventually die, painfully.

Whatever your intention, glue traps are a bad way to go. They lead to suffering of the rodent and of anything else the glue trap may catch. There are far too many concerns with glue traps for it to be a good option when trying to manage rodent problems, not with the alternatives available.

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