How Can I Get Mice Out of My Garage?

A mouse infestation in the garage can lead to health hazards and damage to your property. Mice will chew, defecate, urinate, and get into everything. Whatever you keep in there becomes theirs. It is not something you want on your property. It is not that hard to remove them, thankfully. There are a few trusted ways you can kick the mice out and keep them out. Follow these steps and you should see an immediate reduction in the amount of mice in your garage. In a short amount of time, you should see the mouse population completely disappear. Take control of your garage and get the mice out. Do not let them cause any more havoc than they have.

Remove What They Love
The mice are in there for a reason. They choose their shelter because it offers safety and access to food and other necessities. As long as they have all of that, they have no reason to leave. Begin taking that away. Remove their shelter by cleaning the area up. Close up anything they may view as a shelter. If they are in holes in the wall or anywhere you cannot reach, remove what you can. Remove access to the things they want, too. Pick up food and other edible things, and remove anything they can use for nesting. This will upset their little community.

Use Repellents
While repellents are not the most effective method of removing rodents, they can help. Use repellents to scare off the mice or simply make them like your place a little less. A popular option is peppermint oil. The powerful odor and ease of application, and overall safety, make it a good way to kick them out, or at least make your garage a little less happy for them.

Lay Traps
Use traps that can catch the mice. The ones who are still there will go to the bait and get caught, and you can do with them as you please. There are several trap options available, like live and snap, so you have some good choices. Stick to the humane options, not the glue traps, and this should go over smoothly for you. Getting mice out of the garage does not have to be a hassle. There are trusted, reliable ways to do this. If you have a mouse problem, the above methods should work well in removing them entirely in a short period.

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