What Materials Can a Rat Chew Through?

Rats chew a lot. They chew through anything they can get their teeth on, and some of the things they can chew may surprise you. Their powerful teeth and desire to chew know, almost, no bounds. They will chew through just about any material out there. The softer it is, the easier it is for them to chew, obviously. There are certain materials that everyone knows they chew, like cloth and wood, but some materials you might not realize they chew. With their ever-growing teeth and desire to get anywhere, chewing is second nature to rodents. Their ability and desire to chew so much is what makes them dangerous. They will chew through your exterior and interior, and whatever else they can find.

What They Chew
Rats will chew through cloth, wood, and other soft materials. Most people are aware of this, as their ability to chew through this is a pain. They chew through cloth and wood to cause massive destruction to homes and personal property. It can cost you thousands of dollars. They do not stop at the soft materials, though. They can chew through brick and other hard materials, too. It is not as easy, but it is still possible. If the material is in any way damaged, making it softer, they have less of a problem chewing through it.

For metals and concrete, it is significantly harder. For metals in good condition and properly cured concrete, chewing is nearly impossible. Rats should not be able to get through no matter how hard they try. However, if there is any rusting, damage, or improper care, chewing becomes significantly easier. Rats can begin to chew through with relative ease.

The Damage
The ability to chew through so much, including your roof and walls, will lead to significant damage. It is a serious problem to keep in mind, as it can lead to huge costs and concerns. They can tear away at the siding of your home, get inside, and create hazards around – all by chewing. Chewing may seem like a headache at first, but it quickly becomes worse. As rodents continue to chew, they will chew at everything. This creates constant stress and problems for you. Rats will chew through whatever they get their teeth on. While some materials are virtually impossible in good condition, rodents can chew through anything if it is in a poor enough condition to do so.

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