How Can You Tell if a Rat is Sick?

Whether a pet rodent or wild, you have to know whether it is sick. Knowing if it is sick can keep you safe and, in cases of pets, keep the pet safe. While pets are somewhat more obvious, it is not always easy to tell with wild rodents. You may not be able to tell at all, actually, and there may be few to no signs of the rodent being sick. This is why it is dangerous to have rodents around. If there are no signs it is sick, but it carries a dangerous disease, you may come in contact with it without realizing it. It is a major risk to you and everyone else.

Symptoms of Sick Rats
When it comes to pet rodents, you do not have to worry much about the major diseases. Most often, pet rodents do not carry these diseases, as they are bred to be healthy. For them, being sick is similar to most other pets. They will show signs of lethargy, they will have discharge in their nose or eyes, or they will have other symptoms. For wild rodents, this is similar, but you may not see it all. In fact, you may not see those symptoms ever. Most people do not go near wild rodents when they are in their property, nor do the rodents let them get near them. Wild rodents keep their distance, for their own safety. If they are sick, you may not notice it at all. Even if you can get a good look at them, there is no saying whether you will see symptoms. After all, they are not human. Symptoms do not show up in the same manner they do with human.

A Sick Rat
If you have a sick rodent on your property, you do not want to go near it. If it is obvious that it is lethargic, or if it shows other signs of being ill, assuming this is not a pet, you will want to keep your distance. Contact a professional and have them deal with it. Rats can carry some frightening diseases. If you go near it, you may find yourself exposed to these diseases. For your safety, keep your distance. Remember, you never know when a wild rodent is sick. There is no sure way to tell. For that reason, you should always play it safe. Keep your distance and remove them as fast as you can. Do not touch or expose yourself to their dangers.

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