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Charlotte Rat Removal Tip: Thoughts On Using Inhumane Glue Traps For Rats

It is quite likely that sometime in your life you will be tasked with eradicating some rats from your premises. Rats multiply like wildfire and a couple can turn into hundreds very quickly. Rat population control is essential when it comes to your home.

These pesky little varmints can do thousands of dollars-worth of damage and they carry multiple diseases which may be transmitted to humans. There are many traps available for eradicating rat infestations and glue traps are quite common.

Glue traps are effective and affordable making them quite a popular choice. Unfortunately, they are also incredibly inhumane, and they can also be down right dangerous. Here's the issue.

Glue Traps are Terrible

Glue traps are manufactured by spreading a thick layer of strong glue onto a piece of plastic, vinyl or cardboard. This glue is often sprinkled with the sweet scent of something edible that rats and mice find attractive.

When the rats show up to explore the enticing aroma, they become stuck in the thick glue. This stuff is terrible. Rats often lose skin and hair in the struggle to get free, but they are rarely successful. Any part of the animal which touches the glue becomes stuck to it.

The animal is left lying there in agonizing pain, often for hours or days on end. They commonly die a slow grueling death brought on by pain, starvation, dehydration or any combination of such.

When a rat becomes stuck in a glue trap, you can hear it squeal as it cries out in pain. As pesky and inconvenient as they are, rats are still living creatures and do not deserve to endure the torture of a glue trap.

Other Dangers

When people catch mice and rats with glue traps, they often attempt to free them and relocate them. This is not only unsuccessful, but it is also dangerous. The animal is already in excruciating pain and probably injured. That is the worst time to try to handle it.

It is not uncommon to do more damage to the animal trying to free it from the glue. You also run the risk of being scratched or bitten by a scared and disease-ridden animal.

Additionally, rats commonly defecate as they attempt to free themselves. This exposes the handler and others in the household to the risk of diseases such as Hantavirus, which can be fatal to humans.

If you have seen rats in your home, there are many options for getting rid of them. However, inhumane glue traps should never be one of them.