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San Jose Rat Removal Tip: Hello David, At my condo complex in San Jose CA, I have seen mice and rats outside (we live close to an open, wild green space). I live on the first floor. People feed the squirrels. There are cracks and holes in the foundation around my patio where rodents can live (and have been seen). A couple weeks ago a lot of water came out from under my dishwasher onto the kitchen floor. When I had it repaired the repair person said the sump and a small plastic hose in the dishwasher looked as if it it had been knawed open (had some jagged edges). Obviously these things caused the water to come out onto the floor. The repair person asked if I had a rodent problem. I said no (although I found one mouse in my condo about a year ago, but none since). I do not know how the mouse got in. But I have seen no more, nor any rodent droppings either. He said there were no rodent droppings under the dishwasher. But could a mouse or rat get into the area under the dishwasher through a water pipe and do this kind of damage to the plastic hose and sump? Both have been replaced, but I worry it could happen again. What can be done about it? Thanks very much.

Yes, rats commonly enter a house under a dishwasher, and they do sometimes chew the pipes.

I did all you listed in auto response-- even hired the San Jose animal control company that you recommended on your website. We're two months in, and I'm still seeing signs of rats. Not as many but lots of shredded the paper eating paper towels etc. I explain this more thoroughly in my first email. All ports of entry are sealed, only two rats were actually caught with the traps, I believe they became trap shy and i'm seriously about to lose my mind if I don't get them out of my house ASAP as I totally got in my kitchen and I do not want it read done until I know for certain they're gone. Animal control company is no longer returning my calls as they did their deodorization and sanitation I had to clean up the feces as they said they don't do that, I found evidence of pressure on the last few days, and I am convinced that a new litter has been born and that this is a viciou cycle that will never end. I know you don't recommend poison, I did try the anticoagulant kind, they ate up two bags of it, but I'm still seeing signs 10 days out. Any advice or help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. They came from the sewer not the attic. I have read and done all your words of advice, but they are still in my home and I'm going crazy. It's been over two months. Please help me. As I'm literally losing my mind.

Wow, that's a tough case you have! Rats coming from the sewer (if that's the case) is very tough. I actually don't deal with that here in Florida. I unfortunately don't have much additional advice not on my websites. The only way to keep rats out of a building is to find and seal shut ALL of the entry holes. In some cases, it is very tricky and requires a lot of detective work, a very close inspection of EVERY INCH of the building. I guess in this case, you must find out a breach in the sewer pipes that is allowing them to access the building. I've heard some plumbers can use smoke or something to find a pipe leak.

We covered the sewer entrance; and I sealed all the cracks-- there is one spot of ivy, they must be getting in under that. i'm going to hire someone to cut that down, as I'm not brave enough to and then take it from there and hope I find my spot. This is literally my worst nightmare. I was just hoping even though you advise against it the best type of poison, as the traps are not working anymore. I'm literally going to have my entire house gutted, so I don't even care if they die in the walls I just need them dead i'm going to go insane LOL. PS my parents live in Florida and I'm seriously considering moving down there.