A Mouse in My Car - How Do I Get It Out?

Mice are a serious problem on any property. When they get into your car, though, they can quickly become a major nuisance. They make it nearly impossible to drive, and they can even do significant damage to the wiring of the vehicle. Getting rid of mice is imperative. The moment there are mice in your vehicle, you will want to take steps to remove them. This is something anyone can do and it is manageable. Of course, it is still a pain. At times, you may not have the ability to remove the mice at all, depending on where the mice went. If that happens, you will have to contact a mechanic for help.

Make the Car Less Attractive
Mice go to your car because it provides shelter and food. It gives them somewhere they can be safe and get a meal. So long as they have that, they are not going to want to move. Of course, removing these things is not so easy, at least not when it comes to the shelter. The shelter is the car itself. They do not have much of a reason to leave it when it does the job. One way to deal with them is to move the car. Going somewhere cooler, away from what they want, will make your vehicle less appealing to them. It does not provide the warm they are after and it does not have access to what they need. Start cleaning up inside the car, too. If there are any crumbs or if there is food at all, remove it. That is their food source. Without it, they will have to go searching elsewhere for food.

Place Traps
Using humane traps, like snap or live traps, you can catch them. Bait them and place them in areas of the car the mice will go. So long as they have access to the traps, this should work. Without access to food, or if this is their best source of food available, you should catch the mice quickly. It is a reliable, effective solution to get rid of the mice in your vehicle. Mice can also go into areas of the engine you cannot reach, or in the ventilation system. When the mice are in these areas, you will want to have a mechanic come through and remove them for you. They will take it apart, remove the mice, and put it back together.

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