Is Rat Trapping Legal In My State?

Before you trap something, you have to know whether it is legal to do so. Whether catching and moving or killing, there are some laws to keep in mind. When it comes to rodents, you may not think about it too much. After all, rodent traps are widely available and trapping rodents has been a thing for a long time. There are certain laws, though. These do change from state to state, too. Look up the laws for your state if you want to avoid fees and other potential penalties for trapping a rodent. It is a smart move before you begin the actual trapping.

State to State
Each state has its own laws alongside the federal laws. Typically, laws regarding the legality of trapping animals comes down to a state level. Where you live will determine whether it is legal to trap the animal, and it will impose certain restrictions on it if it is. In most states, it is legal to trap and kill rodents, though there may be some exceptions depending on type.

There is a restriction, though. If you plan to trap these animals, in most states, you will have to do so in your own home. If you have a nuisance pest problem, you can use traps of all kinds to remove them. You cannot, however, go out of your way to trap rodents. Some states may require a license or prefer that you use professional services. Do look into these things before moving forward to ensure that you do this the right way. It is your best path to avoid any unnecessary, steep fees.

Trap and Kill
If it is legal for you to trap and kill, or relocate, rodents, look into allowed methods. Most of the regular methods, like live catch and instant kill traps, will work fine. These are traps that you can purchase in most places. You do have to watch for any inhumane traps. If the trap in any way tortures the animal, leaving it to starve or live in agony for several days, there may be laws against it. Look into these laws before purchasing a trap. To figure out the legality of rodent traps where you live, research the laws in your state. It is the only way to make sure that you do this safely and legally, using every method that your state allows without any penalty.

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