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Welcome to Rat Control of San Francisco! We are California rodent control specialists. Our specialty is rat and mouse control. Our special 32-point process is the single most effective method in the country for permanently solving rodent problems inside houses and buildings. We are not a typical pest control San Francisco rodent exterminator company that treats rodents in a similar way to insects, with repeated monthly or quarterly poison treatments. That's a never-ending process. We solve the problem ONCE, and PERMANENTLY, by thoroughly inspecting every component of your building and completely sealing shut all access points, to 100% rodent-proof your house. We physically trap and remove all rats or mice, a process that is completely effective once all access has been closed. The problem is soved forever, usually in a week or less. Click on our San Francisco Prices page to find out more about our prices for rat control work. Or give us a call any time to schedule an appointment, usually within the next day. We look forward to hearing from you.

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San Francisco Rat Removal Tip: Hello, Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge about rat control from a humane perspective on you website. I have a problem with rats in my San Francisco home and I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out a solution that will rid them from my home without inflicting an agonizing death and/or horrifying suffering upon anyone, I had it all figured out and was ready to set my live cage traps and simply release the rats in the canyon about 5 miles from my home where they would set up a new home in a natural environment and reunite with one another as each one was released over time. A solution that every party involved would benefit from. And then I read your section on the reality or the fate of the rats released to a location unfamiliar to them and I am back to square one. Meanwhile, as I am pondering solutions instead of taking action, the rats are more than likely building nests and filling them with babies and I am starting to feel invisible things biting me like these rats are infesting my house with some sort of invisible mites and it is grossing me out. My question to you is, these rats had to live somewhere before they found my house, right? Maybe some were born here (I hope to God not!) but at one point an adult rat or two had grown up somewhere and then when they were out and about one day they stumbled across my house and decided they like it better than where they had been living and moved in. These rats were able to adapt to a new environment when they came here once. Couldn't they do it again? Maybe not in the canyon, but somewhere else where like the landfill or something? There would be plenty off food for them and they wouldn't be bothering anyone or spreading mites and disease. Also, my Dad bought me some new kind of trap that he claims will guarantee an instant and pain-free death but I look at it and it has these spiked jaws and I'm not exactly sure how the thing works but spikes usually entail some horrifying torturous demise. It is call the TOMCAT RAT SNAP TRAP and there's a picture on the front of the box with a rat's little rear end, tail and feet sticking out of the thing while his head and front legs are clamped into the jaws. Do you know anything about these traps and are they really pain-free and instant? I would be so grateful for your thoughts or opinion on any of this. I need to do something asap but I just can't bring myself to make a little animal suffer. If I didn't live in the city I would think the most humane option would be to shoot them. But I would probably end up in jail because I live in California and you go to jail for even thinking about shooting a gun here in San Francisco. Okay, I will wait with my fingers crossed that you see this message and have the time to reply. Thank you again! Sincerely, Susie

Dear Mister: I have a rat plague in my house and its gotten to a very serious point so i must urgently get rid of them. I've been reading your page and its very informative, the only thing i dont find convincing is your disfavor for poison. I live in a very old big house in a country that has a lot of trembles and earthquakes, not long ago with had a 7.1 Richter degree tremble, so the rats have been moving around the attic and walls a lot and i think the cracks of the house and pathways for them got bigger since this event, actually 2 weeks ago they managed to dig their way into my bedroom, i had to then seal the crack along the floor they left on the bottom of the wall. i will try to seal the holes on the outside and put some traps and poison where i think the travel on the roof and attic, ive been told that i dont have to handle the poison barehanded or the rats will be able to smell the human scent and avoid them altogether. sadly i dont live in the US where you know expert wildlife removers so i dont know any of those here in San Francisco, here rat plagues company charge a lot only for putting poison everywhere, and we both know thats not very helpful as long as you dont follow a stratetic plan. Id be much obliged if you could give me a hand or advice on my rat plague issue. Kind Regards, Andres