Keeping Rats Out of the Garbage Can

When you have your garbage out, you do not want to deal with rodents going through it. They can make a huge mess, leaving piles of garbage around. It is a huge headache and not something you want to deal with. Keeping rodents out of your garbage may seem difficult, too. After all, they can tear through bags and they know the garbage scent when they smell it, so how do you keep them away? There are a few methods to reduce the likelihood of rodents getting into your trash. They are easy to do and they are effective methods of keeping rodents out.

How You Throw Away
When you throw away garbage, make sure everything is nicely packed away into good bags. These are bags that produce a very limited smell, lowering the risk of rodents smelling it. Do not throw trash directly into the bins or leave anything loose. If there is anything the rodents can smell, they will go directly for it. Keep all trash secured tightly in bags that can limit the amount of smell produced.

Secure the Cans
Trash bins can be too easy for the rodents to get into. Even if you have limited trash and throw away everything in bags, they are still going to get in because they can. They are going to look for food and whatever else they might want because it is available to them. To avoid that, secure the cans. Change to metal cans and use a device that keeps rodents out of trash cans. Both work exceptionally well in keeping rodents away from the garbage.

Keep Trash Indoors
If you can, keep your trash indoors for as long as you can. Bringing it outside, no matter what, is going to interest the rodents. If they know that there is garbage there, they are going to look through it. By keeping the trash in, assuming you do not have a rodent problem inside, you can keep it out of the hands of the rodents. After some time, they will learn not to expect any type of garbage from you. They will move on to somewhere else and stop wasting their time, at least they will typically. You do not have to just deal with it when there are rodents in your garbage. There are ways to keep them out, and they are easy to do. If you have a rodent problem, try them out to see if they work for you.

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