How Does One Find The Holes Rats Use To Get In?

Whether you think you have rodents in your home or you want to avoid having them in the future, you will want to inspect the house for rodent entry holes. There are a lot of ways they can get in, but the end result is always the same – stress and problems for you. There are a few ways to look for rodent entry holes, but it is not always that easy. Rats can get through tiny holes without you realizing it, which is why they are such a hassle. They can squeeze through tiny spaces with ease. This is why you have to be careful. Look for evidence of rodents and try to keep any potential entry holes sealed up to avoid them coming in.

Rat Holes
Rats can squeeze through holes much smaller than them, and they typically will. If they have enough of a reason to get into a place, they will go into it. Shelter, food, curiosity, or whatever other reason they have, they will squeeze through tiny holes to do it. This is not rare, either. Rats squeeze through tiny holes all the time. They go through tiny holes in properties to get in, and they will chew a small hole to continue accessing other points of the house. Their ability to squeeze through tiny holes is going to make this process harder on you. You will want to find all types of holes, of all sizes. Look for any potential entry point, no matter how tiny it is.

Common Areas
On the search for rodent entry holes, you should look at the most common areas. The roof, attic, walls, kitchen, vent, and other popular areas for rodents are where you want to look first. Look where you are more likely to find rodents, then begin searching elsewhere. Sometimes, rodents will get through holes already made in the property. Know the structure of the property to figure out if there are any potential rodent holes built into it naturally. If there is any way for them to enter, they will do it.

Rat Signs
Your best bet is to look for rodent signs. If you see feces or other signs of a rodent, chances are one is around. Look around these spots to find the hole, as that may be the easiest way to find their entry point. Inspecting a house for rodent entry holes is easy, but it can take some time. Be thorough and look over every area of the home to make sure there are no rodents and that the risk of rodents is low.

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