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Rochester Rat Removal Tip: All About Norway Rats

Rats are not all the same. Some people view rats as a single type, something they can identify and understand immediately, but that is not the case.

Like other animals, each type of rat is different and unique. There are similarities and differences between them that set them apart but make them all part of the same family.

One type of rat many know is the Norway rat. Whether you know its name or not, it is likely one you have seen. It is one of the most common types of rats out there. It is one that you see on television and in homes all across the world.

There are certain characteristics that will set apart this rat and make it stand out.


Brown in color, the Norway rats can vary slight with their fur. However, it stays a brownish tone for everyone, with some grey in it. Another name for this rat is the brown rat because its fur is always a shade of brown, never black or white.

Their size is quite large, about 10 inches being the biggest you typically see with them. Their tails are about half that size to the full size of their bodies.


Brown rats can live a few years. During this time, the females can give birth to up to five litters, with large numbers of babies in each.

These rats mature in just a few weeks and are able to begin adding to their colony immediately. They grow and mate quickly, and can do so all year.

If there is a danger to their colony, they made produce more than normal, as rats have to get as many young ones out as possible. As they are easy prey, they make up for it with regular and large number breeding.


Norway rats can live in cities, suburban areas, the wild, and anywhere else they have food and shelter. They are not picky and they adapt well.

Norway rats are what you see in cities most often. Due to their desire to stay underground, cities have everything they need. They can go in sewers or under buildings to stay safe and find food. However, they can just as easily live in the wilderness.


Norway rats are diggers and burrowers, on top of their other typical rat characteristics. They like to go underground for everything they need, coming out for food and exploration.

There is not much to know about Norway rats. There are some things you likely did not know, but they are the rats most people have seen and know.