Does Ammonia Keep Rats Away?

No one wants to deal with rodents on their property. Rats bring with them destruction and diseases, and getting rid of them once they are there is difficult to do. Avoiding them is not easy, though. You can keep your property immaculate and have a great fence, but that may not work perfectly. You may still have rodents coming through and resting in your yard, or even nesting. In your attempts to avoid rodents, you may look through various at-home methods, one of which being the use of mothballs or ammonia to repel them. Before you start putting these around your property, though, know whether they will actually work first.

Repellents and Rats
There are several repellents that, supposedly, keep rodents off your property. They are supposed to make the rodents hate being on your property due to the smell, making them want to leave. Repellents promise to get rid of the rodents through the rodents own will. It sounds like an easy, promising solution, but it may be overpromising. Using repellents will require that you painstakingly cover every area of the property, putting down the mothballs or ammonia. As the odor can dissipate quickly, or they can get washed away by nature, you will have to do this often. This is for the chance at them working, too. There is no guarantee they will, and, generally, they are not going to live up to expectations.

Effectiveness of Repellents
You cannot rely on repellents. Mothballs and ammonia do not work as well as people say they do, nor do they work well in keeping rodents off the yard. You can be meticulous in applying it around the yard, but the rodents may still return. Repellents like mothballs or ammonia do not do the trick. They are not going to keep your property safe. While there are some trusted ways to keep rodents off your property, more effective than repellents, there is no definitive way to repel them.

If you are having a problem with rodents, do not run to repellents. They may seem promising, but they are not going to do the trick. They are not going to meet your expectations or be the key to keeping rodents away. They may do nothing at all, except require you to put in a lot of effort and time into something that simply will not work. Instead, use other trusted methods of keeping away rodents.

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