Can Rats Use Plumbing To Get In?

People hear of rodents entering a building through plumbing often, but can it really happen? It seems farfetched, an idea from movies and television, but is it a realistic situation? The reality is, rodents can enter a building through plumbing. If there is an opening, or a way for them to create one, there is a real possibility that the rodent will use it. They are survivors and they are stubborn. If there is something they want to do, and if they think it is in their best interest, they are going to do it. Whether that means climbing through your roof or going into your plumbing, they will.

Access to Plumbing
If there is ready access to plumbing, rodents are going to use it. Any type of open hole is an invitation for them. Vent systems, an opening underground, at the side of the house – wherever it is, they are going to use it. Rats are curious and will do what is in their best interest. If they feel they can get into a property in some way, they will. There is very little standing in their way, mostly because they can knock almost any obstacle over.

If you have any type of open access, assume that a rodent will use it. If rodents are around, chances are, that is very likely to happen. It does not have to be open access, though. Rats can chew a hole into the plumbing to force themselves into your property. Again, they are stubborn. If they want in, they will force their way in. There is very little that can stand in their way and stop them.

Taking Action
Plan for rodents being able to get into your property. Through any means necessary, rodents likely will do it. They know how to enter properties and they will chew their way through if necessary. If you see a rodent coming through plumbing, do not see it as a surprise. It is something they do. Prepare for rodents by having a plan ready. Make sure you know the traps to use and that you can get them down quickly. A rodent coming through plumbing is a problem, yes, but a worse one is letting it stay on the property.

Rats will enter a building in any way they can. If they think it will give them food and shelter, they will do it. Through roof or plumbing, they will make their way inside.

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