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Welcome to Rat Control of Oklahoma City! We are Oklahoma rodent control specialists. Our specialty is rat and mouse control. Our special 32-point process is the single most effective method in the country for permanently solving rodent problems inside houses and buildings. We are not a typical pest control Oklahoma City rodent exterminator company that treats rodents in a similar way to insects, with repeated monthly or quarterly poison treatments. That's a never-ending process. We solve the problem ONCE, and PERMANENTLY, by thoroughly inspecting every component of your building and completely sealing shut all access points, to 100% rodent-proof your house. We physically trap and remove all rats or mice, a process that is completely effective once all access has been closed. The problem is soved forever, usually in a week or less. Click on our Oklahoma City Prices page to find out more about our prices for rat control work. Or give us a call any time to schedule an appointment, usually within the next day. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Oklahoma City Rat Removal Tip: What Types Of Rat Snap Traps Are There And Which Ones Are Effective?

There are many rat traps on the market, but the snap trap has proven to be the most simple and effective option. While alternatives have come and gone, the snap trap provides a quick and painless kill without the use of toxic poisons.

A rat snap trap is a small device with a heavy steel bar for a snapping mechanism. The steel bar is affixed to a small platform with a trigger plate where the bait is placed. When rats come to explore the aromatic treat, the steel bar snaps into place with enough force to break the animal's vertebrae in two.

Types of Snap Traps

Snap traps often come with some adaptations and names to match. There are quick-set traps, easy-set traps, tri-kill traps and so on. However, there are really only two main types of rat snap traps to choose from. There are wooden snap traps and plastic snap traps.

The traditional rat snap trap is a wooden trap. It is well adapted for indoor and outdoor use, giving it universal applications. Wooden snap traps can be difficult to set, especially for those without experience. Handlers must be careful as careless handling can easily result in injury or broken fingers.

Plastic snap traps have the steel bar affixed to a plastic platform. They can also be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and are relatively affordable. Plastic rat snap traps are much easier to set making them the best option for those with no experience.

Cons of Using Snap Traps

The main drawback to using snap traps is that they only eradicate one rat at a time. On the upside, they can be set and used multiple times over.

It is ideal to set two to three traps for every rat you intend to catch. For example, a dozen traps would be set for four to six rats. It is best to put these snap traps in high traffic areas the rats frequent most often.

Snap traps can be set on the attic floor, in corners and even affixed to the wall near piping the rats may be using to climb in and out. If the trap is set properly, baited well and set on well-traveled rat paths then it will effectively kill rats.

Rat snap traps are the most effective and humane approach to eradicating a rat population in your home. It may require a little trial and error, but they are affordable and highly successful.