Rats In My Dumpster!

A rodent stuck in a dumpster is a sad sight. It went in there to get food, but now has no way out. Without some type of assistance or miracle, it could die in there. Between the trucks that take the garbage and the risks of being stuck in a small space, things are not looking good. Getting it out, thankfully, is not that hard to do. The best part is that there is no reason to touch the rodent at any point, too. You can remove it easily without physically touching the rodent at any point. There are two easy methods to try here. Both will work equally well and will get that rodent back to safety.

Help It Out
There are two effective ways to help the rodent get out. Neither of these require touching the rodent, too. Once you do them, you can get away and let the rodent move on with its day. The first of the two is to tilt the dumpster, if you can. If the dumpster is movable, tilting it will make it possible for the rodent to climb out. It can climb on the sides and jump out on its own.

The other method is perfect for all types of dumpsters – give the rodent some climbing material. Wood, cloth, metal, or anything else climbable for the rodent will work. Set it up as a path out, with a way for the rodent to get down. The rodent will use either of these as a way to escape. They work well and are easy to implement.

If you can get a live trap, you can catch the rodent. Put some bait on the trap and set it inside the dumpster. Wait for the rodent to go for the bait and get caught, then release it outside of the dumpster. You can release it anywhere, including on the ground right outside of the dumpster. Let the rodent go off on its day without having to take it anywhere. Typically, this is the best as relocating a rodent may lead to more troubles for it. Rats get stuck in dumpsters every so often. They want food and they know it is there, but they have no way to get out once they are in. Helping them out is easy and low risk, and you can do it without having to touch the rodent at any point.

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