Get Rats Out with a One-Way Funnel

Rat problems require an immediate fix. Due to the damage and health hazards that rodents pose, you cannot wait too long for them. Of course, like many, you might not want to kill them in the process. If you want to remove them humanely, without using any type of traps, there are options available to you. You can have the rodents gone quickly without having to set up a single trap. The best way to do this is through the use of exclusion funnels. Exclusion funnels will get the rodents out and give them no entry back inside. Once they leave, they are stuck out there. After they are gone, you can remove the funnel and patch up the entry, with no trap used at all.

Preparing the Funnel
Before you use the funnel, you want to look around the property. Wherever there are rodents, whether in a room or in the attic, you want to inspect the area. Find where they are getting inside. Find every entry point you can. Once you find every entry point, begin sealing them up except one. You do not want to give them any additional entry points, and you are going to want to make this easier on you. Sealing up additional entry points is the best way to do this. With the entry points sealed, you can begin setting up the funnel.

Setting It Up
Find the single entry point that you are going to use. Have the funnel set up so that the rodents can leave your property through it but not reenter. If you follow your specific funnel’s instructions, that should be a cinch. Let it sit there. There is nothing else you have to do after this. There is no reason to bait or to try to force out the rodents. If they are stuck in a single space, with no other holes to leave through, they will have to leave through that single point. If they want access to food and water, it is their only option.

When they finally leave, they are stuck outside. They cannot reenter at any point. If you use a material they cannot chew through, this should be no problem for you. After all of them leave, remove the funnel and seal up the hole. Keep any other potential entry points sealed to keep out the rodents. Exclusion funnels are easy to use and require little effort. If you want to get rodents out without using a trap, they are your best option.

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