Help! I Got Bitten By a Rat!

Rat bites can be scary. When a rat bites you anywhere, it can lead to some negative reactions and it could put your health in danger. Knowing what to do right away can help you to stay safe and healthy. Never underestimate a rat and its bite. Rats are small, yes, but their bites can transmit disease and can cause infection. If you allow the bite to go on without any sort of treatment, you may end up ill and your life may be put at risk. The steps are easy to do and every person with a rat bite should do them. For your own health and safety, take action before the bite gets worse.

Rat Bites
Rats may bite you for various reasons. No matter the why, though, it is always dangerous. Rat bites can transmit disease and cause infection, leading to serious health concerns. Of the diseases rats can transmit, rabies is not among them. Rats typically do not have rabies, so that is not a concern here. However, there are other diseases and conditions that can come from a rat bite. You should remain wary of these bites at all times.

A big problem is infection. Infection after a bite is a common issue, and it can lead to serious pain and other problems. Infection can come with swelling, redness, pus, and other common signs and symptoms. With how dangerous an infection is, and the other diseases rats can transmit, you will not want to wait around for it to fix itself. Take action the moment the rat bites you or you notice there is a bite.

Rat Bite Treatment
Your first action should be to clean the wound. Look for where the rat bit you and begin cleaning it with soap and water. Do a thorough cleaning and dry it off with a clean towel afterwards. When it is dry, use a clean cloth or bandage to wrap the wound. Go seek medical attention immediately. You do not want to take this lightly. The diseases that rats can spread and the risk of infection are too serious. Rat bites can pose a serious risk to your health. Take care of the wound, seek medical attention, and keep an eye out for any infection or symptoms in the next few days to weeks. If you notice anything wrong, go back to the doctor and tell them.

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