How Do I Kill a Rat Humanely?

Rats on your property will bring disease, damage, messes, and other issues. If you do not get rid of them right away, they will continue to cause problems on your property and potentially cost you a lot. The best way to deal with them is to use kill traps. Kill traps are effective in getting rid of the problem, but there is the worry of whether they are humane. You do not want the animal to suffer, after all, but you do not want it to be on your property any longer. There are humane ways to kill a rodent. You do not have to worry about it suffering or going through any type of pain. It will work and it will quickly kill the animal.

Snap Traps
The most common and popular type of trap is the snap trap. These are the types that most people recognize, the traps that snap close on the rodent’s neck. When it goes to eat the bait, it triggers the pressure panel and the trap comes loose. It quickly snaps the rodent’s neck, with no pain whatsoever. It takes a second for this to work. There is no suffering and there is nothing to it. The trap breaks the rodent’s neck, killing it instantly. You can remove it right away without having to worry about the rat suffering at any point.

Projectile or Other Types of Immediate Hits
You can hit the rat with a weapon of some sort. Projectile and handheld weapons work fine here. You will want to make sure to aim for the head and hit it swiftly so that it goes out right away. If you do this, it should go out without suffering. The problem, of course, is that you would have to do this yourself. It is not something most people are up to doing, but it does kill the rodent without letting it suffer.

Live Traps
You can always use live traps. This is a humane way to catch the rodent, after which you can let it go or deal with it as you please. If you choose to relocate it, do be aware that relocated rodents may not survive well. They may suffer or die after relocation. There is no reason to use poison or glue traps when killing a rodent. These methods are cruel and torture the rodent until it dies. With humane methods easily available, you have other options.

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