There Are Rats in My Garage!

Rats carry diseases and parasites, can bite, can chew through wires and wood and so much more, and can cause chaos in your home. Having rats roaming around the garage will make it a less safe place to go. Getting rid of them is vital. Rats are dangerous animals to have around the home and you do not want them having control of an entire room. Before they can do any extensive damage or spread disease, follow the steps below. These steps are effective in removing rats. No matter why they are there, this should help you remove the rats fully in a short amount of time.

Shelter and Food
Rats got into your garage for a reason. Whether they are in the walls or roaming around the ground, they got there because they thought it was safe. Remove that safety for them. Without shelter, the rats will have no place to go. They will begin to run to other places. Oftentimes, that will mean out of your property.

Anywhere you can clean up, do it. Do not leave any type of shelter for them around. If they are in the walls, remove anything on the ground they can use and move on to other steps. Before you try anything else, though, you will want to pick up any food. Rats will eat anything, human or pet food, so long as it is edible. If you have food lying around, it will encourage them to stay. If there is no food, they will have no choice but to leave.

Repellents are popular for getting rid of rats since they are so simply. The downside is that they may not be as effective as other means. They can help, yes, but you may not see the complete removal you would hope to see. Using a repellent that rats hate, like peppermint oil, place it around the garage. The scent is something rats dislike, and it makes your home less desirable to them. It does not mean they will leave absolutely, but it makes it more likely for them to leave.

Use traps. You can use any type of trap, but try to focus on humane traps like live and snap traps. These will catch them without any suffering. You can then pick up the trap and remove the rats accordingly. The steps above do work. As long as you are careful and do this right, you should have no rats in a small amount of time.

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