Rat Bait To Put On a Trap

If you follow old cartoons, the best bait to use for a rodent is cheese – but is that actually true? When you are trying to catch a rodent, you want to make sure that you use a bait that will work without fail, so what is it? There are a few types of bait that you can use here. The exact type you use depends on the rodent you have. You want to make sure that you match the bait with the rodent for optimal results. Quite a few options do exist, and there is bait that you can buy at the store. Luckily, most bait is easy to come by and cheap, so you should have no trouble finding something that works well.

Food Baits
Food is the best type of bait. It has a scent that immediately attracts rodents, and they will rush over to the bait to eat it up. If you are trying to find the best foods, go for something with a powerful odor. Peanut butter is, generally, the preferred choice. Peanut butter has a strong scent and flavor, and rodents love it. They will go after it the moment they know it is there. Other types of bait will work too, like meats and cheese, so long as it has a strong smell. Again, you want to find bait that has a strong odor. That is what will attract them in the first place. If you want it to work, go for the foods that have a scent the rodents cannot ignore.

Other Baits
There are other types of bait, too. Mice, as an example, might like nesting supplies. These types of baits can work, but food is general the best bet. If you go with these types of baits, be careful how you place them. You do not want the mice to pull them off without getting caught, which can happen with some traps. Place it carefully so that the rodent is sure to get caught. As always, a major piece of a good trap is where you place it. Even the best baits will be of no help if you place the trap poorly. Put it somewhere strategic, where the rodent is sure to pass and smell the bait, and let it do its trick. With a bait like peanut butter, you should not have to wait long to catch one.

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