Is Rat Poop Dangerous to People?

Rats bring with them endless troubles. They can spread disease, chew through your property, cause messes, and be a hassle in general. There is a good reason why you need them gone right away. Their feces is one of the biggest. Rat feces can carry in it diseases and parasites that could make you severely ill, potentially putting your life at risk. If you touch or breathe in the feces particles, even slightly, you may end up exposed to these health hazards. Even if the rodents are gone, the feces will continue to be a serious problem for you. You want to avoid it and have it removed completely without going near it.

Risks of Feces
Feces is full of parasites and diseases. It is a carrier of all things that can make you sick. This includes all types of feces, too, not just rodent feces. It is a huge health hazard. If you go near it, there is the risk of exposure. Feces particles in the air are breathable, and they can lead to serious issues with your health if you breathe them in. The same goes for directly touching the feces. Either way, it is dangerous for you.

If the feces is gone, there is still the risk of parasites remaining. The removal of the feces itself does not solve anything if the parasites and other hazards remain on the ground. Keep your distance from the feces. This does not mean let it stay on your property, but it does mean you should not go near it. At least, not without proper safety gear and a plan.

Removal of Feces
To remove the feces, use safety gear to clean it up. Do not physically touch it, using gloves and a mask, and use other equipment to help you clean it up. Make sure that you disinfect the area, as well. Disinfectant will take care of what is leftover. Any of the parasites that remain will go, with nothing left behind. Along with sanitizing it, you can deodorize the area if there is a feces smell in the air. Do not touch or breathe feces. It contains parasites and diseases that could severely impact your health. For your sake, stay safe. If you must, you can also contact a professional to have it cleaned. If the problem is especially large, a professional might be your best bet for positive results.

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