Virginia Beach Rat Extermination Prices

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EXAMPLE 1: A small house in good shape, with only a few rat entry hole repairs needed. A smaller infestation, and only two total service trips to the home required to set traps and remove rats. TOTAL: $250

EXAMPLE 2: A large house in disrepair with a tile roof and dozens of repairs needed. A large infestation with lots of trapping required, and four total service visits. Attic cleanup of feces performed.TOTAL: $1000

There is no one-price-fits-all method for rat control jobs in Virginia Beach. Each job is different, depending on these factors:

  • Size of the house or building

  • Condition of house, and the number of rat entry areas

  • Severity of rat infestation

  • Building location, roof and attic access, etc.

  • Severity of rat contamination or damage

    The rat removal process consists of these steps:

  • Full inspection of the exterior house or building, from ground level to roof

  • Full inspection inside the attic space

  • Inspection of all vents, plumbing pipes, A/C chases, etc

  • Sealing shut all entry holes with professional grade repairs

  • Setting 10+ rat traps on the precise areas of rat activity

  • Monitoring of traps and removal of dead rats until all are gone

  • Cleanup of rat waste and repair of damage

    Each job is very different, and only an on-site inspection can determine the correct price for your specific Virginia Beach rodent problem. Go back to the Virginia Beach Rat Control home page for more information about us.